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  • Tips on rainy season Jul 13 , 2022
    Selection of environment When storing tea at home, it is best to have a separate room for storing tea, and the room should not be on the first floor, so as to effectively avoid the water vapor influx due to rain. If the room where the tea is stored is cool and dry, it is best to close the doors and windows during the rainy season to reduce indoor and outdoor air circulation. If the tea room is sus...
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  • Tips for storing tea in summer Jun 12 , 2022
    When summer comes, the weather is getting hotter day by day. We must pay more attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling on weekdays! In fact, in this hot summer, in addition to paying attention to heatstroke prevention, tea also needs to take some heatstroke prevention measures. 1.Pay attention to the storage temperature According to relevant experiments, the content of polyphenols in tea sto...
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  • Introduction to Chinese famous tea May 30 , 2022
    1.Anxi Tieguanyin The representative of Oolong tea was invented by tea farmers in Anxi, Fujian Province from 1725 to 1735. The plant is shrub type, known as "red bud crooked tail peach". It has the health care function of general tea. It also has the effects of anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti arteriosclerosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes, weight loss and bodybuilding, prevention and treatme...
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  • Why not with strong tea May 29 , 2022
    Tea, as a natural drink, is favored by the world. Tea not only contains tea polyphenols with anti-cancer effect, but also contains a small amount of caffeine that can refresh the mind. In addition, it also contains trace elements that can decompose greasy and help digestion. Why not drink strong tea? 1.Strong tea is easy to hurt the stomach The content of theophylline in strong tea is relatively h...
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  • Q&A about mechanical tea picking Apr 30 , 2022
    Q: Why develop mechanical tea picking? A: In the past 10 years, especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, the flow of tea pickers has been restricted, and the problem of "labor shortage" in spring has appeared in tea areas across the country. Spring tea cannot be picked on time, and summer and autumn tea can only be completely abandoned. In addition, tea-producing areas are also facing the pr...
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  • The best tea leaves from different dynasties Apr 30 , 2022
    Tang Dynasty: Mengding Tea number is the first In the Tang Dynasty, Yang Envy Tea and Purple Shoot Tea did not give in to each other, and the recognized first was Mengding Tea. During the Middle and Tang Dynasties, Li Zhao's "Supplement to the History of the State" recorded: "Customs and expensive tea, the name of tea is beneficial to everyone." Jiannan has a mengding stone flower, or a small squa...
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  • Benefits of drinking tea in spring Apr 10 , 2022
    Sterilization and anti-inflammatory Tea has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, on fire, when the inflammation in the body is not serious, you can drink tea to alleviate, regular tea drinking for the killing of oral bacteria is also helpful, reduce tooth decay, caries. Tea contains alcohols, aldehydes, esters, phenols, etc. as organic compounds, all of which have bactericidal effects, but...
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  • How to drink green tea correctly? Mar 28 , 2022
    The correct way to drink green tea is: brew with 80 ° C ~ 85 ° C water, brew and drink now       1. Tea set The brewing of green tea requires a clean tea set, usually brewed with a glass (pot), porcelain cup or tea bowl with good transparency, so as to facilitate the green tea soup and tea leaves. Among them, the glass is especially preferable, and the glass tea set is favored for i...
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  • Different ways of making green tea Mar 27 , 2022
    As we all know, there are three main steps in the production of green tea.Kill green, knead and dry. Our organic green tea has four different ways of making green. 1.Stir-fried green tea Refers to green tea that is dried and mainly stir-fried (or all fried). The aroma is rich and refreshing, and the taste is thick and refreshing, which is the style of fried green tea. 2.Roast green tea Refers to g...
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