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  • Can cold brewing make the essence of tea? Jul 06 , 2021
    As the weather gets hotter, many people do not want to drink hot tea. The weather was hot and the sun was like fire, and after drinking a cup of steaming tea, I immediately sweated like rain. At this time, if you can have a cool drink, every pore will feel refreshed. As a result, many tea lovers like cold brewing tea in summer. Cold brewing tea can relieve heat, and is healthier than other beverag...
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  • What is the difference between Lapsang Souchong, Keemum black tea and Dianhong Jul 02 , 2021
    What is the difference between Lapsang Souchong, Keemum black tea and Dianhong? Chinese black tea(orgainc black tea and EU standard black tea)is sweet and elegant, and its romantic and charming taste is the love of many tea customers.But different black teas also have their own personalities, some are warm and sweet, some are mature and mellow, and some are lively and public. The red and clea...
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  • When does scented tea appear? Jul 01 , 2021
    When does scented tea appear? The practice of adding fragrant or fragrant flowers to tea has a long history. In Song Dynasty, Cai Xiang’s "Tea Records" mentioned spiced tea: "Tea has a real fragrance, and those who pay tribute slightly use borneol and ointment to help its fragrance." Southern Song Shi Shi In Yue's "Buyue·Jasmine" poem, there is a description of jasmine roasted tea: "playing with f...
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  • How to make a good cup of tea: 4 key point Jun 26 , 2021
    How to make a good cup of tea: 4 key point 1.Tea proportion The ratio of tea to water varies from person to person when brewing tea. Generally, black tea, green tea, 1 grams of tea with 50 ML ~60 ML of hot water brewing, taste more appropriate. For example, a 200ml capacity of the teacup or tea bowl, into 3 grams of tea, add hot water until 70-80 % full, usually can get a cup of suitable thick tea...
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  • What is Rainforest Alliance Certified Tea? Jun 23 , 2021
    What is Rainforest Alliance Certified Tea? Rainforest Alliance certification supports farmers in turning their farms into profitable, resilient businesses that respect workers and the land. Through training, we promote farming techniques designed to help farms adapt to climate change and protect the land for future generations—all while improving incomes for tea-farming families. We work with tea ...
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  • Why drink tea on Dragon Boat Festival Jun 16 , 2021
    Why drink tea on Dragon Boat Festival Drinking tea is standard on the Dragon Boat Festival In addition to the customs of eating rice dumplings, drinking realgar wine, and dragon boat racing during the Dragon Boat Festival. In the thousands of years after Qu Yuan invested in the Miluo River, Chinese folks have said that "drinking Dragon Boat Festival tea and walking away from all diseases" has been...
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  • What is Gunpowder tea? Jun 16 , 2021
    why gunpowder tea not explode? Gunpowder tea is made from tea leaves and sprouts, which are rolled into small round pellets, similar to the lead pellets used in early muskets. In China, pearl tea is called ‘zhūchá’, which literally means ‘pearl tea’. It is alleged that its English name comes from a British port clerk who once described the pre-cooked appearance of this tea that literally looked li...
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  • How to make Chunmee green tea? May 20 , 2021
    How to make Chunmee green tea? 1. Spreading The buds and leaves must be carefully picked to remove the fish leaves, leaves, and impurities that do not meet the requirements. After spreading for 1-2 hours, the surface water can evaporate completely. 2. Kill the green It requires high temperature to kill the green, kill evenly and thoroughly, the green gas disappears, and the aroma is exposed, to ac...
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  • What is Chun Mee Organic Green Tea? Apr 27 , 2021
    What is Chun Mee Organic Green Tea? Chunmee tea is one of the treasures of green tea. The appearance is tightly knotted, even, gray-green frosting, oily, fragrant, and strong. It is named for its slender lines like the eyebrows of a lady. Chunmee originated in Xiuning, Tunxi, Yixian, and Shexian of Anhui Province at the junction of the three provinces of Anhui, Zhejiang, and Jiangxi, Wuyuan of Jia...
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