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Tips on rainy season

Jul 13, 2022

Selection of environment

When storing tea at home, it is best to have a separate room for storing tea, and the room should not be on the first floor, so as to effectively avoid the water vapor influx due to rain.

If the room where the tea is stored is cool and dry, it is best to close the doors and windows during the rainy season to reduce indoor and outdoor air circulation. If the tea room is susceptible to moisture, it is best to keep the environment ventilated and dry. It is recommended to open the window on a sunny day or at night when the air is dry to let the air convection.

Measuring instrument

When storing tea at home, it is best to be equipped with a thermometer and hygrometer, so that the changes of temperature and humidity can be observed in real time, and the way of storing tea can be adjusted at any time.

How to judge whether the stored tea is damp?

·Check whether there are mildew spots and spots on the dried tea

·Take a little tea and pinch it with your fingers. If you can easily crush it or hold it in your hand, it means that the tea is very dry. Otherwise, it means that the tea has been damp

·Smell dry tea, if there is no musty taste, it is not affected by damp, otherwise affected by damp

·If the aroma and taste are normal, there is no dampness; If there is a musty smell, low aroma and stuffy smell, it means damp

What should I do after the stored tea is damp?

·Dryer drying

·Electric cooker baking

·Baking machine drying

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