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How to drink green tea correctly?

Mar 28, 2022

The correct way to drink green tea is: brew with 80 ° C ~ 85 ° C water, brew and drink now

      1. Tea set

The brewing of green tea requires a clean tea set, usually brewed with a glass (pot), porcelain cup or tea bowl with good transparency, so as to facilitate the green tea soup and tea leaves. Among them, the glass is especially preferable, and the glass tea set is favored for its transparent texture and different forms.
  Brewing tea with a glass teacup (or glass teapot), especially brewing all kinds of famous green tea, the color of the tea soup is bright, the leaf buds float up and down during the brewing process, and the leaves gradually stretch out, which is a dynamic art appreciation, which is interesting.
      2. Water quality
  The water quality of green tea brewing is better. Clean, high-quality mineral water is usually used, but purified tap water can also be used. The pH of the water is neutral or slightly acidic, do not use alkaline water, so as not to darken the tea soup. Boiling water can be boiled at the beginning, so that the freshness of the brewed tea is better.
  3. Water temperature
  The water temperature of the tea is required to be around 80 ° C. Because the chlorophyll of high-quality green tea is easily destroyed and turned yellow at too high a temperature, the tea polyphenols in the tea will also oxidize at high temperatures, so that the tea soup will quickly turn yellow, and many aromatic substances will soon evaporate at high temperatures, so that the tea soup will lose its fragrance.
  4. Tea-to-water ratio
  The ratio of tea to water should be appropriate, usually the ratio of tea to water is 1:50 to 1:60, that is, 1 gram of tea leaves with water 50 ml to 60 ml is appropriate, so that the brewed tea soup is thick and moderate, and the taste is fresh and mellow.
  4. Brewing method
  The brewing technique is also very exquisite, requiring the hand kettle to fill the teacup with water, using the "phoenix three nod" gesture, so that the injected hot water impulse tea, floating up and down, tea juice is also easy to brew.
  5. Etiquette
  When brewing, first inject a small amount of hot water to soak the tea leaves, and then fill the water later until 1 cm to 2 cm away from the cup. If you are entertained, you can put the cup or bowl of tea brewed into the tea tray, hold it in front of the guest, and gesture with your hand to invite the guest to drink.

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