Who is Grand Planters?

Shennong was an emperor in ancient times. He invented how to grow land and drink tea, and created traditional Chinese medicine. Later people called him a great planter shennong.

 grand planter shennong    

Who are we?

Under the influence of Shennong's fearless spirit, we are engaged in the cultivation of tea and herbs. We are committed to the production of natural products of tea and herbs. We make full use of the natural ecological recycling system in our tea and other herbaceous plants, without using fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to improve the ecology of tea gardens. The nutrition and safety of tea have re-established a natural and harmonious relationship between people and land and agricultural production.

     tea garden

Why choose us?

We have the best organic tea plantation-Wuyuan organic tea planting base in China. We have obtained EU organic tea certification since 1997 and fair trade certification in 2000.
Our company plant organic tea in hundreds of acres of tea gardens in Wuyuan,can provide more than 1,000 tons of organic green tea, black tea, white tea, steamed green matcha, oolong tea At the same time, it has passed the EU organic certification, fair trade certification, rainforest certification, Kosher certification and so on.

We have the most extensive experience in tea export. We have been operating tea export since 1985 and have established good cooperation with Lipton, ITI and other tea distributors.Our tea and herbal products have a history of thousands of years. Our company is one of the leading producers of organic tea and organic herbal products. We sincerely welcome your attention and choice of our products.

 tea factory    Tea production machinery

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