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  • What is the difference between the world's top three high-flavor black teas? Jan 06 , 2022
    Keemun black tea Keemun black tea, usually the abbreviation of Keemun Gongfu black tea, originates from the hilly basins of Keemun County, Anhui Province, China. The quality characteristics of Keemun Gongfu black tea are: the appearance is tight and beautiful, the front seedlings are good; the color is dark and grayish, commonly known as "Baoguang"; the soup is red and bright; the aroma is strong ...
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  • Tea master recommended tea making skills manual Dec 11 , 2021
    A good cup of tea is not only related to the quality of the tea, but the skill of making tea is also very important. The various ingredients in tea can be fully integrated with water to achieve a balanced state, which requires us to master the amount of tea, water temperature, and brewing time when making tea. Dosage The amount of tea is the prerequisite for making tea Green tea, yellow tea Genera...
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  • It’s better to boil tea in winter Nov 18 , 2021
    Regarding the way of brewing tea and boiling tea, you can choose freely in any season of the year. It's just that when it's cold, there will always be warmer things. The sound of brewing tea and the wafting of the hot tea smell virtually brought people into a warm atmosphere, just like sitting on a stove in Xuetian. Why is boiling tea better than brewing tea? 1.Tea fragrance is higher When brewing...
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  • ‘Six Gentlemen’of Chinese Tea Ceremony Nov 12 , 2021
    As an old Chinese saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and a good boat is equipped with a good sail. The same is true for tea ceremony. Tea customers usually choose the corresponding tea sets according to different types of tea. All kinds of pots, cups and plates are placed on a table, and three or five friends are invited to make tea with water, so as to soothe the day in a t...
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  • Mysterious 30 degrees north latitude-gold-producing tea belt Nov 02 , 2021
    Where is 30 degrees north latitude? 30 degrees north latitude mainly refers to the range covered by the five degrees of fluctuations up and down at 30 degrees north latitude. This is a mysterious and peculiar line of latitude, which runs through the four ancient civilizations, and there are many puzzling mysterious phenomena and civilization information. Ancient human civilization developed on thi...
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  • Changes in the way China drinks tea Oct 20 , 2021
    Paintings record the aesthetics of the times and also record the history. From ancient paintings, we can see tea drinking methods in different eras: the Tang Dynasty drinks sencha, the Song Dynasty likes to drink matcha, and the Ming Dynasty prefers to brew loose leaf tea、 Xiao Yi Earn Lanting:Tang Dynasty Sencha Method "Xiao Yi Earn Lanting" is a painting created by Yan Liben, a painter in t...
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  • Why should I emphasize quick soup out when making tea? Oct 06 , 2021
    First of all, when making tea, it is emphasized that the tea should be made quickly, mainly to balance the taste of the tea, and to avoid the tea being stuffed in the tureen due to the slow speed of the soup, which leads to the astringency and bitterness of the tea, which can not be really tasted. The best taste of a tea. This is especially obvious for heavily fermented teas such as Pu'er tea and ...
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  • Why do you feel thirsty as you drink tea Sep 30 , 2021
    Many people have this feeling when they drink tea: the first cup of tea is quenched, but the more you drink, the more thirsty you feel. Why? ▪Tea has a strong diuretic effect The diuretic effect of tea is mainly because the tea soup contains purine compounds such as caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. These components enhance the blood flow of the kidneys and enhance the filtration rate of the...
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  • What kinds of tea trees are there? Sep 22 , 2021
    Tea trees are classified according to the size of their trunks, including tree type, semi-arbor type and shrub type; if they are divided according to the size of their leaves, there are three types: large-leaf species, medium-leaf species, and small-leaf species; There are three types: primitive type and evolution type. 1. Small trees 2. Trees 3. Shrubs Arbor-type tea trees are tall and tall with ...
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