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The best tea leaves from different dynasties

Apr 30, 2022

Tang Dynasty: Mengding Tea number is the first

In the Tang Dynasty, Yang Envy Tea and Purple Shoot Tea did not give in to each other, and the recognized first was Mengding Tea.

During the Middle and Tang Dynasties, Li Zhao's "Supplement to the History of the State" recorded:

"Customs and expensive tea, the name of tea is beneficial to everyone." Jiannan has a mengding stone flower, or a small square, or a scattered bud, numbered as the first. ”

Song Dynasty: Beiyuan tribute tea is the first in the world

In the Song Dynasty, Beiyuan tribute tea was the undisputed number one in the world.

However, within Beiyuan Tribute Tea, the competition is fierce, and the inner volume is extremely strong, and it is simply stronger than the next generation.

During the second emperor Song Taizong period, in order to highlight the imperial power, it was said that unlike the common people, the special dragon and phoenix mold was specially made and the dragon and phoenix cake was pressed, commonly known as the great dragon group, the royal special offering, and the first in the natural world.

During the reign of the fourth emperor, Emperor Renzong of Song, the Xiaolong Regiment created by Cai Xiang came to the fore.

During the period of the Sixth Emperor Song Shenzong, Jia Qing made the Miyun Dragon, surpassing the Xiaolong Regiment.

During the reign of the Seventh Emperor Song Zhezong, Ruiyun Xianglong's refinement was even higher.

The eighth emperor Song Huizong, the newly created tribute tea dozens of kinds, The Dragon Tuan ShengXue ascended to the peak, song Huizong himself preferred white tea, this kind of white tea, according to the introduction of the Daguan Tea Theory, tea plants should be counted as albino varieties, and Anji white tea is similar.

The above is cake tea, the Song Dynasty also had loose tea, then called herbal tea, with Shuangjing tea as the first, produced in Jiangxi Xiushui, Huang Tingjian especially likes to recommend this hometown specialty to others.

Ming Dynasty: Several worlds first

In the Ming Dynasty, cake tea completely declined, loose tea was popular, tea culture once again entered a period of prosperity, tea drinking was the elegant affair of scholars, tea tasting on tea was prevalent, and there were several world firsts.

Volume IX of the "Two Mountains of Ink Talk" records: "Lu'an tea is the first in the world, and in addition to the tribute of Si Bao, it is often given to the old people of the magnates and courtiers." ”

Lu'an tea was very famous in the Ming Dynasty, but there are not many people who support it, relatively speaking, Tiger Hill Tea, Tianchi Tea, Luo Yue Tea is more sought after.

Tu Long greatly admired Tiger Hill Tea in the "Tea Notes", believing that "the most exquisite, the crown of the world".

Huang Longde's "Tea Sayings" also deeply agreed: "If Wuzhong Tiger Hill is on the top, Luo Yue is second, and Tianchi, Longjing, and Fulong are second." ”

Wang Shisheng, the author of "Guangzhixuan", agreed that Tiger Qiu Tea was the first, but it was not enough, and it had to be added to Tianchi Tea, tied for first, "Huqiu Tianchi Tea is now the first in the sea".

The most exaggerated praise of Tiger Hill Tea is Xiong Mingyu, "Taste Tiger Hill Tea, white and fragrant like baby meat, really exquisite." ”

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