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How to make a good cup of tea: 4 key point

Jun 26, 2021

How to make a good cup of tea: 4 key point

1.Tea proportion

Tea proportion teapot

The ratio of tea to water varies from person to person when brewing tea.

Generally, black tea, green tea, 1 grams of tea with 50 ML ~60 ML of hot water brewing, taste more appropriate.

For example, a 200ml capacity of the teacup or tea bowl, into 3 grams of tea, add hot water until 70-80 % full, usually can get a cup of suitable thick tea soup.

When tasting oolong tea, for better taste its fragrance, it is often required a stronger tea soup. Usually, 1 gram of Oolong tea leaves will be poured into about 20ml of hot water.

Granular oolong tea, such as Tieguanyin and Dongding oolong, is brewed in a small purple sand teapot, and the amount of tea is about 40 -50% as full as that of the teapot. Loose strip oolong tea, even up to 70-80%t of the volume of the teapot, and then filled with hot water.

To taste Pu 'er tea, 1 gram of tea leaves is usually poured into 20ml to 30ml of hot water in order to smell and taste the tea.

Minorities usually pour 50 grams of tea into a large copper pot and add 1.5 liters to 2 liters of hot water to make tea, or even boil it over a fire. The tea soup poured out and mixed with milk for drinking.

Black tea fan is made of 2 grams to 2.5 grams of tea wrapped in a bag and poured into 120ml to 160ml of hot water for brewing. Famous green tea is often picked fine and tender, especially single-bud tea, which tends to have a weak tea taste, so more tea leaves can be put in when brewing tea.

If it is summer and autumn tea, the taste of tea is strong, you can put less tea;

If you brew large leaf green tea, because of the strong taste of tea, you can put less tea.

Additional, the proportion of tea and water should vary from person to person, the person who likes to drink strong tea can put a bit of tea more, the person who like light tea, put less tea..

2.Water temperature control

Water temperature control teapot

Tea should be brewed at an appropriate water temperature. The so-called appropriate depends on different types of tea, tea sets, and environmental conditions. The high water temperature, tea soup, tea are easy to yellowing, the aroma is easy to lose.

Ordinary black tea and green tea are usually brewed at 90℃~95℃ hot water, the tea soup has good concentration and generous flavor.

Jasmine tea is usually brewed in hot water at 95℃~100℃. Higher water temperature can make the fragrance of jasmine tea fully leaching.

Pu 'er tea and oolong tea are usually brewed with boiling water at 100℃, so as to get rich tea soup.

The above water temperature mainly refers to the water temperature of the first brewing, and the water temperature of the refilled water for black tea, green tea, and scented tea is usually appropriately lower. But Pu 'er tea, oolong tea after several times brewing, still need to use boiling water, in order to get the rich taste of tea soup.

In addition, the tea water temperature is related to the size of the tea set. When brewing black tea and green tea in a teapot for drinking by many people, the water temperature can be appropriately lower, otherwise, the tea soup will be too thick in the same brewing time. In summer, the environmental temperature is high, the tea set heat dissipation is slow, the water temperature can be appropriately lower.

3.Brewing time

Brewing time brew in small teapot

The brewing time varies with the type of different tea. General black tea, green tea, brewing 2~3 minutes; Single bud type high-grade famous green tea, tea taste is slightly weak, tea liquor is not easy to ooze, usually can be appropriately extended brewing time.

Pu’erh tea and oolong tea usually brew in small teapots many times. Sometimes the first brew is for washing tea, usually, it takes 5 ~10 seconds to drain the tea. When second brewing, it takes 10 ~15 seconds to brew the tea.

Brewing scented tea usually takes about 2 minutes, so that the fragrance is not easy to emit.

4.refill water times

refill water times famous green tea

When brewing tea, the number of refilled water brewing also varies according to the type of tea. black tea fanning bag, because the tea liquid is easy to dissolve, most westerners would like to add sugar and milk for drinking, usually only brewed once. If you drink it plain, you can refill it once.

Oolong tea and Pu 'er tea at high quality can be brewed with water several times, usually five or six times, even seven or eight times. Ordinary black tea and green tea can be brewed with water two or three times, while famous green tea can be brewed with water only once or twice.

Some tea lovers like to drink a cup of tea from morning to night. In fact, they refill water many times, so the taste of tea soup becomes weaker and weaker, it will lose the pleasure of tasting tea.

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