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When does scented tea appear?

Jul 01, 2021

When does scented tea appear?

The practice of adding fragrant or fragrant flowers to tea has a long history. In Song Dynasty, Cai Xiang’s "Tea Records" mentioned spiced tea: "Tea has a real fragrance, and those who pay tribute slightly use borneol and ointment to help its fragrance." Southern Song Shi Shi In Yue's "Buyue·Jasmine" poem, there is a description of jasmine roasted tea: "playing with fragrance, roasting and smoking in spring". The original note of the word: "The flower produced in Jasmine Lingbiao...this flower blooms in April until the sweet-scented osmanthus is fashionable, and the ancients used this flower to roast tea." This is the earliest record of scenting jasmine tea. Therefore, according to Shi Yue's poems, scented tea was roughly derived from the blending of cake tea with fragrance in the Northern Song Dynasty. At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Zhao Xihu officially mentioned the method of scenting tea in "Tiaoxie Leibian": "Meltis, jasmine, rose, rose, orchid, orange, gardenia, woody, and plum can all be used as tea. When the flowers bloom, pick half of them and half of them with full aroma, measure the amount of tea, and pick the flowers as a companion."

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In the "Tea Book" (1541) which was abridged by Gu Yuanqing in the Qian Chunnian series of the Ming Dynasty, there is a description of orange peel tea, lotus scenting and more Bulk Organic Herbs Tea: "Orange tea, cut the orange peel into fine strands per catty, and dry five catties of good tea , Put it in the orange silk room, line the fire box with dense linen cloth, put the tea on it, heat it, clean the quilt for two to three hours, wrap it in a Jianlian paper bag, and still use the quilt for drying." "Lotus tea, when the day is not out, remove the half-containing lotus, put a pinch of fine tea into the full pistils, pierce it with hemp, so that it can stay overnight, pick the flowers the next morning, pour it out, and dry the tea in a paper bag. In the same way as the previous method, the tea leaves are put into the stamens, and then the leaves are dried and harvested several times. The fragrant flowers of modern scented scented tea are not only the above-mentioned flowers, but also white orchid, hawksbill, and osmanthus. , Zhulan and so on. get best loose leaf herbal tea from

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