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Why drink tea on Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 16, 2021

Why drink tea on Dragon Boat Festival

Drinking tea is standard on the Dragon Boat Festival

In addition to the customs of eating rice dumplings, drinking realgar wine, and dragon boat racing during the Dragon Boat Festival.

In the thousands of years after Qu Yuan invested in the Miluo River, Chinese folks have said that "drinking Dragon Boat Festival tea and walking away from all diseases" has been said since ancient times.
Although Dragon Boat Festival tea can not really "cure all diseases", it can play a role in strengthening the body.
In this way, with the worship of nature, The expectations of the day have been passed down from generation to generation.At the moment of family gathering, eating zongzi, Come to a pot of organic tea, and chat with you, It's a comfortable life that couldn't be better.

Benefits of drinking tea on Dragon Boat Festival

1. The Dragon Boat Festival is June. The summer weather is hot and dry. People should drink more water to prevent heat stroke. As a healthy drink, tea has naturally become everyone's choice. At this time, have a cup of tea to refresh and hydrate.

2. It is indispensable to eat rice dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival. Salty rice dumplings and sweet rice dumplings are inseparable. The rice dumplings still have to be made with glutinous rice. If you eat too much, they will be a little greasy and difficult to digest. At this time, a cup of tea will relieve greasiness and help digestion.

3. Since ancient times, China has had the custom of drinking tea and gifting tea during the Dragon Boat Festival, which means the health of family and friends, a cup of light tea, to wish the Dragon Boat Festival together. A cup of elegant and fragrant tea, tacitly brewed, is the best expression of Chinese emotions.

4. How can the fragrance of tea be missing when the fragrance of palm seeds and the fragrance of mugwort leaves? Organic Qimen black tea is the most suitable for this summer atmosphere, elegant and unique. The entrance is healthy and refreshing, and a cup of refreshing tea is the most comfortable and comfortable in this hot summer. During the Dragon Boat Festival, eating sweet and glutinous rice dumplings with a cup of Keemen black tea to relieve greasiness and digestion. One bite of sweetness and fragrance of honey is the best enjoyment of the day.

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