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‘Six Gentlemen’of Chinese Tea Ceremony

Nov 12, 2021

As an old Chinese saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and a good boat is equipped with a good sail.

The same is true for tea ceremony. Tea customers usually choose the corresponding tea sets according to different types of tea. All kinds of pots, cups and plates are placed on a table, and three or five friends are invited to make tea with water, so as to soothe the day in a tea time. anxiety.

What is the Six Gentlemen of Tea Ceremony?

Refers to the six accessories of the tea ceremony, namely Tea bucket, Teaspoon, Tea leak, Tea spoon, Tea clip and Tea needle.

Tea bucket

As a wooden cylindrical vessel for holding tea art supplies, it is usually used together with agitating wooden sticks.


Also known as "tea grill", it is named because it is shaped like a spoon, and its main purpose is to dig out tea leaves.

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Tea leak

Put the tea on the mouth of the pot when putting the tea, the role is to guide the tea into the pot to prevent the tea leaves from falling out of the pot.

Tea spoon

The role is to hold tea into a pot.

Tea clip

Also known as "tea shovel", its function is the same as that of a teaspoon. It can pick up the tea dregs from the pot or use it to wash the cup with a teacup. It is anti-scalding and hygienic.

Tea needle

Also known as "Chatong", its function is to dredge the inner net (honeycomb) of the teapot to keep the water flowing, or to mix the tea leaves evenly after putting them in, with the broken tea at the bottom and the whole tea at the top.

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