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It’s better to boil tea in winter

Nov 18, 2021

Regarding the way of brewing tea and boiling tea, you can choose freely in any season of the year. It's just that when it's cold, there will always be warmer things. The sound of brewing tea and the wafting of the hot tea smell virtually brought people into a warm atmosphere, just like sitting on a stove in Xuetian.

Why is boiling tea better than brewing tea?

1.Tea fragrance is higher

When brewing tea, although we can also use boiling water to brew, the temperature will always be somewhat lost during the brewing process, and the brewing time is generally shorter; not as good as when the tea is brewed, the water temperature will continue to rise and continue to high temperature Heating can stimulate the aromatic substances in the tea, making the tea fragrance more rich.

2.Tea tastes more mellow

When brewing tea, the brewing time is short, and it is difficult to release all the tea's internal substances. When the tea is brewed, the tea leaves will roll with the flow of water. Under the continuous high temperature stimulation, the inner substance of the tea leaves can be released more thoroughly, so the brewed tea will be more mellow and sweet than the brewed tea.

3.Tea soup is warmer

It is best to choose a glass tea maker when boiling, so that you can easily enjoy the tea soup and also pay attention to the state of the tea at any time. When making tea, be careful to choose hot water to make the tea. When the tea soup starts to boil, you can put an appropriate amount of tea leaves, and then wait for the tea soup to roll again for about a minute, then turn off the heat, and wait for the tea soup to calm down, then the soup can be taken out.

FAQ about boiling tea?

Q.Can I boil tea directly in an iron kettle?

A.Iron pots can boil water, but for boliing tea, clay pots and glass pots are also recommended for better taste.

Q.Is any tea suitable for boiling?

A.Boiling tea is generally suitable for two kinds of tea, one is fermented heavily, such as cooked Pu, Liubao tea, Fu tea and so on. The second is long-aged old tea, such as old white tea, old Pu'er, aged rock tea, aged Tieguanyin, etc.

Q.Can boiling tea be combined with brewing tea?

Boiling tea itself can be divided into two methods: direct boiling and boiling after brewing.

The lighter flavored old white tea and aged Tieguanyin are suitable for being boiled directly in the boiling pot, while the more flavorful tea leaves such as Pu'er tea can be brewed five or six times before boiling, so that the tea soup will not be too strong.


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