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How to make Chunmee green tea?

May 20, 2021

How to make Chunmee green tea?

1. Spreading

Chunmee green tea

The buds and leaves must be carefully picked to remove the fish leaves, leaves, and impurities that do not meet the requirements. After spreading for 1-2 hours, the surface water can evaporate completely.

2. Kill the green

It requires high temperature to kill the green, kill evenly and thoroughly, the green gas disappears, and the aroma is exposed, to achieve the moderate degree of green killing. The water content of green leaves should be controlled at about 60%.
(1) Before using the continuous roller to kill the green, the roller must be preheated for a long time to ensure that it can absorb enough heat. The phenomenon of sticking the blade on the wall and the tail of the cylinder should be avoided. Before preheating, the drum must be started to prevent the cylinder from deformation due to heating.
(2) When the cylinder reaches the temperature of green, that is, when the air temperature in the cylinder reaches about 110 ℃ - 120 ℃, it can be put into operation.
(3) Determination of green time: put the fresh leaves or similar substances into the roller from the feeding tray, measure the time of discharging the roller, and adjust the length of green time by changing the inclination angle of the roller through the handwheel screw mechanism at the front end of the frame. The green time is determined according to the quality tea of different names, the tenderness of fresh leaves, and the amount of water. The appropriate green time is subject to moderate green time, which is generally 2 minutes for a spring tea.
(4) At the end of each batch of fresh leaves, after about half of the time of greening, you should step out of the frame at the end of the leaves, make the roller tilt sharply, quickly discharge the green leaves, prevent the burnt leaves and burst points.

3. Rolling


the crushing degree of rolling leaf tissue should be 45-55%; Young leaves should be gently kneaded, old leaves should be heavily kneaded, young leaves should be cold kneaded, old leaves should be hot kneaded.
The pot temperature should be kept at about 70 ℃. The tea leaves should be pushed and kneaded into strips by a single kneading technique. The cells can be broken fully by gravity kneading. When the tea leaves are 50% dry, it is enough.

4. Baking

three times, the first time only bake to five thousand, spread 1-2 hours. For the second time, bake at low temperature until 70% or 80% dry, and spread for 6-12 hours. For the third time, bake at low temperature until dry enough.

5. Pan-frying

it is the key process to form the unique quality of Wuyuan Mingmei tea. When the temperature of the pot is about 90 ℃, the amount of leaves in each pot is about 1 kg, four fingers are disturbed, the palm is open, the thumb is up, and the little finger is pointing to the pot. With wrist and arm strength, the tea leaves are pushed slowly from the bottom of the pot to the edge of the pot. When the tea leaves fall freely from the top, the tea leaves are gently twisted with both hands, shaking and caking, and starting over and over again, Then, it is dried with a slow fire.
6. Redrying

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