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Should we drink tea in the summer?

Jul 13, 2021

What are the benefits of drinking tea in summer?

1.Tea can dissipate heat and reduce temperature, produce body fluid and quench thirst

The aromatic substances contained in tea are themselves a kind of cooling agent, they can drive away a certain amount of heat from the pores of the human skin during the volatilization process. In addition, the amino acids in tea, water-soluble pectin, tea polyphenols, etc. can stimulate oral membranes, promote saliva secretion, and thus have the effect of producing body fluids and quenching thirst.

2.Tea can replenish potassium salt and water

In summer, people's sweat is significantly increased, and the potassium salt in the body will be lost with the sweat. Tea is a potassium-containing food, and the average leaching of potassium in black tea is 24.1 mg per gram of tea soup. In addition, the large amount of sweat excreted from the body will cause insufficient water in the body, so it is necessary to constantly replenish water.

3.Tea can effectively prevent gastrointestinal and digestive tract diseases

In summer, everyone likes to eat a variety of barbecued and raw and cold foods, which will cause our intestines and stomach to a certain extent.

Tea can improve human intestinal function, gastrointestinal function, and at the same time have a significant inhibitory effect on lipase activity, inhibit the absorption of fat in the intestine, eliminate food and greasiness, promote human metabolism, reduce human fat compounds and other unique effects!

What kind of tea do you drink in summer?

1.Green tea

"Drink scented tea in spring, green tea in summer, oolong in autumn, and black tea in winter." The summer is hot, the sun is like fire, and people are in it, sweating like rain. At this time, it is better to drink green tea.

Because green tea is an unfermented tea, it is cold in nature, "cold can clear away heat". It produces fluids and quenches thirst. Its properties of clearing heat and reducing heat, relieving heat and refreshing, are very suitable for drinking in summer, but because of the cold nature, people with cold stomach are more suitable to choose mild A little tea.

The rich tea polyphenols in green tea have excellent antioxidant effects and can protect the skin to a certain extent when resisting the strong ultraviolet radiation in summer. However, drinking green tea should not be too strong, it will not only hurt the stomach, but also increase the burden on the cardiovascular and kidneys.

2.White tea

White tea is a kind of tea that is only slightly fermented through the process of withering and drying. It is cool in nature. Rich in amino acids, it has the effect of reducing heat and relieving heat and can prevent heat stroke. It is a good product for dispelling dampness and heat.

Hot weather is prone to heat stroke, especially for people who often go out to work and play. At this time, all you need is white tea.

Researchers have proven that white tea extract can effectively improve the immune function of skin cells and protect them from UV damage. If the skin has been sunburned and has symptoms of inflammation, the polyphenols in white tea can also relieve the symptoms of inflammation and have a strong whitening effect.  

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