The china government launched the action of improving tea quality and safety

Apr 14, 2021

huangshan tea garden

Recently, the market supervision bureau of Huangshan City, Anhui Province issued the "Huangshan City tea quality and safety improvement action plan", in order to promote tea production enterprises to continue to abide by the law and regulations, make Huangshan tea brand bigger and stronger, and promote the high-quality development of tea industry.
The plan defines the work objectives: through the special promotion action, strengthen the supervision of tea production enterprises, further urge the enterprises to implement the main responsibility of food safety, control the quality and safety of tea in all production links, ensure that by the end of the year, the level of tea processing is leading in the country, the enterprise's food safety management level is comprehensively improved, and the compliance rate of daily supervision and inspection is greatly improved, The qualified rate of product sampling inspection continued to maintain above 98%, the brand construction was effective, and the food safety integrity system was basically established.
This special action focuses on three aspects: one is to urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility. We should strengthen the implementation of the main responsibilities of enterprises from seven aspects: strict system implementation and personnel management, strict environmental sanitation and facilities and equipment management, strict raw material safety control, strict production process control, standardized labeling behavior, strict inspection and testing, and establishment of food safety traceability system. Second, comprehensively strengthen supervision and management. Strict production license inspection, comprehensive supervision and inspection and special supervision and random inspection, strict investigation of violations, and actively promote social co-governance. Third, improve the quality and safety level. Improve the level of enterprise product management and innovation and R & D, and vigorously promote brand promotion.
Huangshan City is the main production area of Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Houkui, Qimen black tea, and other famous teas, and the tea industry is a major characteristic pillar industry of the city's economic development. The municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of the tea industry, and issued the implementation plan for the high-quality development of the Huangshan tea industry, taking multiple measures to vigorously promote the high-quality development of the tea industry. Based on its functions, Huangshan Municipal Bureau of market supervision has set up a leading group for the high-quality development of Huangshan tea production enterprises headed by the head of Huangshan Municipal Bureau to coordinate all relevant departments and units directly under the Municipal Bureau and carefully sort out their respective functions according to the development plan of the tea industry of the municipal government, Clear their own specific tasks in promoting the high-quality development of tea industry, and hold a work scheduling meeting every quarter to strongly promote the effective implementation of the work. We should vigorously strengthen the supervision of tea production enterprises, accelerate the deep processing of tea and the research and development of new products, strengthen the cultivation, promotion and protection of the brand, create and implement the regional public brand of "garden Huizhou", increase the brand publicity, and make solid and effective progress in all aspects. Up to now, there are 372 tea production enterprises, 10 well-known tea trademarks, 7 tea products protected by geographical indications, 153 tea production enterprises have been approved to use special signs for products protected by geographical indications, and the number of well-known tea trademarks, products protected by geographical indications and enterprises authorized to use their rank first in the province. There are 3 certified trademarks of geographical indications for tea, and the Taiping Houkui tea demonstration zone in Huangshan District has been approved as the national demonstration zone of geographical indication product protection.

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