Spring tea under the COVID - 19 Epidemic

Apr 11, 2022

China COVID - 19 Epidemic situation, from the end of march to now, some of China's big province, like Shanghai, Beijing, GuangZhou,JiLin, multi-point outbreak, smaller cities, intermittent also have new cases, but every local governments are in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention policies issued by the state, the implementation of orderly for nucleic acid detection, home quarantine, and the determination to keep factories and workers idle to reduce the contact between people,and to contain the outbreak.

This is the social environment, the rhythm of the world must slow down,then the speed of the spread of the virus to slow down, and these changes,we, tea people also have an impact.

In mid-march, our core area of the tea, has begun to pick fresh spring tea, two weeks before, the outbreak, the government asked tea farmers n’t pick the tea, one for reduce movement of personnel, and secondly is to avoid the emergence of the tea market, so the precious tea buds only on tea tree grew up and getting older, This directly leads to the sharp decline in raw materials and quality of tea. In the future, the quantity of tea will decline, and the relative price of tea will rise, which is no small test for both sellers and buyers.  

Drink and cherish!

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