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what kind of tea is jasmine

Sep 18, 2021

Why does jasmine tea have flowers and some without flowers?

Organic jasmine tea is a tea variety made by mixing fresh jasmine flowers and green tea blanks. It is different from general herbal teas that directly use flowers as the infusion material. After scenting, the flowers are removed and only the tea is retained. The so-called "scenting system" is smoked system. Pile the jasmine flowers and tea leaves together and mix them so that the tea leaves can fully absorb the floral fragrance. Therefore, the finished jasmine tea sees the tea but does not see the flowers, but the tea has the fragrance of jasmine. Generally speaking, low-end jasmine tea scented within three times, while high-end products need more than five times.

Generally speaking, the high-grade jasmine tea from Fuzhou, Fujian usually separates the tea from the flower, so the flower cannot be seen in the product; most of the jasmine tea from Hengzhou, Guangxi also has no flowers; while the jasmine tea from Yuanjiang, Yunnan usually Dried jasmine flowers will be added after the finished product; some jasmine petals can also be seen in the jasmine tea of Qianwei in Sichuan.

Why is the jasmine sifted out after the scenting process?

This is because jasmine is a fresh flower and contains water. The tea embryo is dry, and the dry tea embryo is easy to absorb moisture and deteriorate. If the petals are not separated, the remaining petals will produce a stuffy smell, which will affect the taste and taste of the tea soup. In low-grade jasmine tea, you can see many yellow dried flowers.

Is the quality of jasmine tea with dried flowers low?

uncertain. Whether there are dried flowers tea in jasmine tea is related to the habits and hobbies of making tea in various places, and the grade of jasmine tea. For example, the popular Bitan Snow in Sichuan and Chongqing, the standard is to have a small amount of dried jasmine flowers.

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