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What is organic tea?

Apr 27, 2021

What is organic tea?

Organic tea is not only cultivated with organic fertilizer. In addition to safety, hygiene, and health. organic agriculture should include three conditions in principle.

First, no chemical fertilizer is used. which commonly used simple self-made compost,  is often used as organic fertilizer.

Organic compost

Second, chemical synthetic pesticides are not used, and land and irrigation water users are not allowed to be polluted. Because of the problem of pesticide residues, it will destroy the ecological environment. In addition, herbicides can not be used. Because some herbicides also find carcinogens, which are harmful to users and consumers.

Third, it must be more than three years to engage in such a production. If these three aspects are thoroughly implemented, the tea produced can be called organic tea.

Organic planting

Organic tea grows in a natural state and using organic fertilizer. Its contents such as amino acids and tea polyphenols are much higher than that of ordinary tea. It not only makes the taste more mellow, the taste is more fragrant, but also the nutrition is more abundant.

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