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How to store tea?

Aug 12, 2021

Two principles and one taboo for storing at home

First of all, we must understand what is most taboo in tea storage? The most important thing to prevent when storing tea is peculiar smell and mildew.

1.Tea leaves are very dry and have strong adsorption properties. They are easy to absorb the flavors in the surrounding environment. If the storage environment has a big peculiar smell, it will affect the drinking quality of the tea. Therefore, the storage environment must not have peculiar smells.

2.Tea leaves should not be placed in hot and humid places to avoid qualitative changes caused by moisture and heat, and can be stored for a longer period of time. Conditions for preserving tea: one is to dry (the moisture content is about 6%), and the other is the best low temperature (about 5°C)

Theoretically speaking, the storage and storage of tea leaves should be dry and refrigerated, anaerobic (vacuum or nitrogen filled) and protected from light. However, due to various objective conditions, it is often impossible to have both. We can seize the necessary requirement of tea drying, and then take some other measures, but also according to the specific analysis of the specific tea.

Different types of tea have different storage methods

Green tea and yellow tea

Because tea contains a variety of nutrients, chlorophyll is the main reason for the green tea. Since chlorophyll is easily decomposed under the action of light and heat, it will cause the deterioration of green tea. Therefore, the tea should be stored under the conditions of dark, moisture-proof and low temperature. Store the tea below zero to prevent its deterioration speed.

Among all tea leaves, green tea is best stored in the refrigerator. Because yellow tea is similar in workmanship to green tea, it can be preserved in general.

Scented tea
Scented tea is a reprocessed green tea with high water content and easily deteriorated.

Scented tea has a strong floral fragrance, and storage at low temperature will inhibit its fragrance and reduce the freshness and concentration of the fragrance. Therefore, the preservation of scented tea does not need to be deliberately low temperature. It should be protected from moisture and stored in a cool, dry, and odor-free environment.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, between black tea and green tea, it is easier to store.

According to the degree of drying and roasting, heavier roasted teas such as rock tea, strong-flavored Tieguanyin, and some Dancong tea can be stored at room temperature instead of low-temperature storage.

Black tea

Dry black tea has a low water content and is easily damp or fragrant. Try to avoid mixed storage of different kinds of tea. Generally, it can be placed in a closed dry container, protected from light and high temperature.

If conditions permit, it is better to store high-quality black tea with purple sand cans or tin cans. It is difficult to guarantee that glass cans will not be exposed to sunlight. Before the black tea is put in, it is packed in a plastic bag to eliminate the air in the bag, which can better retain the tea fragrance.

White tea

White tea is the most primitive tea with the simplest process. The picked fresh leaves are dried in the sun and withered to 90% dryness, and then baked at low temperature to dryness.

White tea is storage-resistant, and its storage is more environmentally friendly. It does not need to be kept at low temperature. It only needs to be stored at room temperature to prevent peculiar smell, generally between 10-35℃; and there is a certain transformation and rise space during the storage process. The longer the storage time, the dry tea and The darker the tea soup, the softer the taste.

Dark tea

The preservation of dark tea requires ventilation, dryness, and no peculiar smell.

Ventilation and dryness is the most important thing to pay attention to when storing black tea. It is best to use kraft paper, leather paper and other packaging materials with good permeability (a plastic bag should not be used) to seal it for storage.

If you accidentally cause the tea to become moldy and white hair due to damp due to excessive humidity or too long time, take it out in time to ventilate and dry, or dehumidify (just turn on the air conditioner), or dry it in the sun, and it will grow after a few days Mold hair will disappear naturally. If the white hair is serious, you can remove the white hair on the surface with a soft textile such as a brush or towel, and then use a hair dryer to heat it for more than ten minutes.

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