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Chinese famous tea naming rules

Aug 31, 2021

Tea naming is one of the important procedures for tea classification. A tea must have a name to mark it. Regardless of whether it is used for classification research or practical application, tea must have a special name. Naming and classification can be linked together, such as Gongfu black tea, the former is a naming, the latter is a classification, and another example is Baihao Yinzhen, the former is a classification, and the latter is a naming. The naming of tea is usually descriptive, and the elegant name is unmatched by other commodities.

The basis for naming tea leaves is not only different in shape, color, flavor, and tea species, but also in terms of production area, picking period, technical measures, and sales channels, etc., and the naming is also different.

▪The name of the tea is most often used to describe its shape, such as melon slices, Maofeng, etc., which are used to describe the shape.

There are many tea names that describe its color and fragrance, such as Huangya for dry color; for example, yellow soup refers to its color, such as Yunnan Shilixiang refers to its aroma, such as Anxi peach kernel refers to its taste. This kind of tea is famous in ancient and modern times.

Special famous teas are named by place names, which are very common in ancient and modern times. Shouzhou Huangya in the Tang Dynasty and Gu Zhu Zisun in the Song Dynasty have become famous teas in history. For example, West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluo and Wuyi Rock Tea are still used today. Modern famous teas have many place names, such as Nanjing Yuhua, Anhua Pine Needle, Lu'an Gua Pian, Xinyang Maojian, and so on.

▪ Named according to the picking period, such as the ancient Tanchun, the second spring and the current Mingqian, Yuqian, Chunrui, Qiuxiang, and winter slices, etc., or spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea according to the season of harvesting . 

Named according to different tea-making techniques, such as stir-fried green tea, Gongfu black tea and so on. 

Named after different tea tree species, the two provinces of Fujian and Taiwan used to be the most, such as Meizhan, Lanqi, Dahongpao, Tieluohan, Hairy Crab, Peach Kernel, etc. There are well-known varieties of tea such as Tieguanyin, Oolong and Narcissus. 

Named according to different markets, such as domestic tea, export tea, etc. 

There are also named after the creator, such as Dafang and Xichun.

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